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15 Main Street, Selkirk, Ontario
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How It Works

Welcome to Barnwood Wine

We operate in our circa 1900 carriage barn which is tucked in the back of 15 Main Street East in downtown Selkirk - Since 1995!


Barnwood Wine On-Premise Brewing location is licensed by the Alcohol & Gaming Commission and provides customers with the facility and equipment to brew their own quality wine products.Barnwood Wine Retail Store

Besides Wine Kits, we stock Beer Kits and alcohol kits along with the supplies and equipment for Home Brewers.

Our On-Premise Facility is available and offers very reasonable service rates for brewers who prefer this convenience. Our wine kits include Red, Whites and Blushes, Port & Sherry kits along with Fruit Wine Kits.

We also offer kits that enable you to produce beer & alcohol. The alcohol kits can be flavoured to your favourite of liqueurs or spirits such as Cherry Brandy, Amaretto, Rum and many more.

Our staff will be pleased to explain the simple process. No talent needed! It’s Easy, Fun & Affordable! Come into Selkirk and check us out!

Don't forget to ask about our 2 for 1 service fee!

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